Saturday, 20 August 2011

A red Arrow comes down!

Nearly every summer since I can remember the Red Arrows have flown in Bournemouth around now.  All through my childhood when at the beach there would be a special time when they would fly passed our beach hut.

A few years ago Bournemouth started hosting an air show on the Beach! But alas today one crashed at around 1.50 not sure if No 4 survived but let's hope so.  God Bless him and all of us life is a precious gift.


  1. We watched the Red Arrows on Wednesday at Weymouth and they are amazing. Like you we have not heard if he is okay, lets hope he is.

  2. Just seen on the news that he died. RIP John.

  3. I thought this was so sad when i read about it this afternoon, it must have been such a shock to witness it. On a brighter note i have just found you through "my frugal life" a fellow Justine and in Dorset too!! im a complusive money saver too(or mostly try to be) and love a second hand bargain xx