Monday, 12 September 2011

Phone contract downgrade

OH gave me his iphone 3.  I love it.  I do not want the new iphone and I was paying £35.00 plus puer month for 3000 texts, 600 minutes and 500 mb.  Last month I used 92 texts 19 mb - as use wifi and about 9 minutes talk time - sad pants I know no friends.  I use email and we have landline with our Virgin package - which we have reduced recently. So for the above downgrade would go down to about £20.00 but after investigating further if I have the above but 250 mb it costs £15.50 and £1.00 per extra 100mb so I worked out that should I want the extra mb it would not cost a fiver.  I am currently very happy at the £20 per month I have saved!  I could have got PAYG as it hasnt been unknown for me to make a tenner last months but I am happy with this new arrangement.  I could not go lowed as it would be as above but without any mb and I need the mb.

On another note when I was in Scotland I bought some mouthwash for £1.00 for about 250 ml.  I have been looking around the supermarket to no avail.  I decided therefore to check Lloyds they had some Oral B from £1.29 to £86p which was better than the reduced Listerine 500 ml at £1.99.  My friend who I dragged along was amazed as it did appear cheaper than Wilko!

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