Sunday, 11 September 2011

Fruit and Veg box

Recently, I signed up to a fruit and veg box with Abel and Cole.  I had a code to get a free box on my 4th so I thought why not.  Even though I am getting a small box your third box can be any size.

I got potatoes - having these today with my dinner - with the spinach and the carrots.  I shall use one of the onions.  We have been eating - the bananas.  I shall use the rhubarb and make a compote draining off any excess water for a cordial.  I also got Kiwi which I have yet to use and also got Tomatoes.

My OH then came back from my mum's after helping her out, and she had given us some Rhubarb and some green beens which we shall also have with dinner yum yum.

The small box was £12.99 with delivery and adding it up I do feel that it probably is dearer than going to the shop but to be honest it kept us from going for a few days so money saved in the long run!

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  1. Hi I like the idea of having a fruit & veg box. I think its the different selection you can pick & things you otherwise might not try x