Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas (sorry it's a little late)

Merry Christmas to everyone - sorry it is a little late only I have been doing the usual Christmas stuff i.e giving presents, opening presents, Christmas Dinner and today a less than an hour dive round the Christmas sales - I know a lot of people do not find it acceptable on Boing Day but I live right in town, the shops were open so I went for it.  I did however, order from next on Christmas Eve already.

I bought some clothes - smellies from Boots with my points and some wrapping paper the latter as I am nearly out and for next year, I got it all for less than half price!!
Well I am now back in the Christmas Spirit and shall commencing eating shortly - although we have cut down already.


  1. happy christmas - love your festive graphic!

    I love the mis-print too - Boing!Day sounds wonderful

    blessings x

  2. sorry its late but thank you very much for my liebster which i have posted this afternoon xx

  3. Boing Day much better than what it is meant to say lol Happy Christmas to you too Angela!

  4. Thanks for dropping in. I always love to catch up with fellow bloggers. I look forward to caching up with your blog to X