Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year and New resolutions

No sooner have we finished with Christmas and I see an advert for a Valentine's Day offer for a meal.  New beds, sofas, washing machines etc.

Well I need a new bed, new bedroom furniture, new bathroom - (have done for years) a suit blah blah blah.  It can wait.  My first resolution is for a no spend January. 

I know that doesnt sound hard but it will be.  I am excluding necessities just as food and groceries, but I am not buying clothes or treats for myself.  It will be a little easier than usual as I have had treats for Christmas but even so that doesn't usually stop me.  I am going to try and make do with what I have including food.  I am having a sort of detox.

I may extend this to February but if I do I do need to buy a suit so may exclude that.  I have some vouchers to pay towards it and have just bought (ordered not yet received) a cheap work dress from Austin Reed- at a bargain price and hopefully it will fit, as their clothes last forever! I was going to buy a nice cardi in the sales but as it is now the 1st Jan I am too late.  I did spend some money in the sales but spent about a third of what I usually spend. 

I do not want to buy too many clothes as I have put on a stone plus of the weight I lost in the past.  I want to lose that buy June if not before.  I know I can do it as a few weeks ago I lost 5 pound in one week although I felt a bit nauseaous all week so I wasn't very hungry - so that is number 2.

In the meantime, I have been saving for an Ipad and this year I really want to save enough to buy one,  I saved money given to me for Christmas by work and others and also  money from selling my mobile recently for about £35.00. I also put away £10 a month for a few months and now I have about £203.  That is my number 3 to save more money and use what I do spend to the best of its worth if you see what I mean.

I really do want to continue to spend less and get more from my money.  I got paid on the 29th which was good as it meant I couldn't spend the money beforehand.  I used vouchers from shop and scan towards presents, as well as some savings and some Nectar Vouchers for food but even so it was not pain free - ah well.

Finally, I am really apprehensive about this year, my mum isnt well she has primary bilary sclerosis, my step-dad isnt well - he has COPD by working in a foundry and smoking no doubt, my BIL isnt well and in hospital with an infected foot as a result of diabetes he is the father of 5 children and my sister works full-time as it is as well as juggling family life and is now at risk of having to jack it in.  They own their own property and it is likely they would lose it.  I feel a bit useless.  I have thought about giving her some of the money I have saved but she wouldn't take it and it wouldn't be enough.  No idea when her husband is coming home and she is going away this weekend 7 and 8th  for a break.  All I can do is have one of her children, Macauley - I am his Godmother.  I am proud to be so.  She has now managed to get sitters for the one night two night break so at least she can have some respite.  It is so hard for her as she doesnt even speak to her husband much anymore and they need to split, none of them are happy.  All I can do is listen.


  1. Hi like you I am going to have a no spend january. I know what you mean about all the bombarding & sales adverts. Advertising is a powerful thing. I want to lose just over a stone as well. But equally I am doing it to feel better as been a bit of a yo yo due to DD.
    Good luck with your No spend & weight loss.
    Sounds like there is a lot of worry with different family members not being well. Its a tough thing especially at times like this we want to help but feel helpless to. Sounds like you are doing fine being there & listening
    take care xx

  2. I am having a low and no spend January too.

    Excluding bills and groceries of course.

    Hope you'll join me with my

    Lose inches and gain £s challenge. It starts on Thursday.

    SO sorry to hear about your family members.

    Big Hugs

    Sft x