Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Kindle

I have had mine for over a year.  I got it for Christmas 2010. I must admit that it does take some getting used to as I love books.  However, I am starting to use it more and more.

Most of the books I have downloaded are free. One website I use is  So if you have a spare £90 then I would give this a try.  No fuss downloading, all go through Amazon then you just get given the option to send it to your Kindle and it goes to your Kindle even it is off.  Most paid books are cheaper than the usual variety,

When your Kindle is off you get a picture mine is currently Virginia Woolf, most are authors including William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.


  1. I just posted on my blog for a free download of the audiobook of The Help from the sunday times, I just downloaded it, it does not ask for any payment deatils, so totally free :)

    also amazon have lots of free kindle books, well worth a look, plus if you sign up at and sign up to their newsletter they send you alist of free kindle books each day

  2. I have had my kindle for about a year now ,and love it ,havent bought a real book since ,my partner bought it for me ,I think he was afraid I was going to inundate us with my book collection. And I making have been quilted covers for friends and family who now have their own kindles Janxx

  3. (2ND ATTEMPT)I too love my Kindle My partner bought it for me,because I was inundating us with books ,I havent bought any real books since.Well just a signed copy when I met Simon Weston , Jan xx

  4. I don't know - I still like having a book in my hand and reading without a light glaring at me.

  5. £90...£90...£90.....! :(
    Goodness are'nt we supposed to be saving money...
    What's wrong with the good old library....AND, it's free....! :).
    Nowt, like holding a book, and, turning the pages.
    Much better than a bit of glassed plastic...
    God....Were will it all end up....!!!!!!