Monday, 12 March 2012


Superpoints is something that I stumbled over yesterday.  You can earn points for referrals and depending on your level i.e. basic, gold or platinum you get certain clicks each day to win points.  If you are a basic member you get 30 clicks, if you are a gold member you get 50 clicks and for platinum you get 100!

You cash points in for various things such as Amazon vouchers.  The higher the level the earlier you can withdraw, i.e. if basic you have to get 2500 points but Gold you need just 1000 points.  £1,000 points gives you a £5.00 amazon vouchers.

I have recruited 3 people in one day and won points.  Once you have recruited two people if they win points on their clicks so do you!! 

You can also get points by clicking the offers. 

Why not give it a try every little extra can only help!!

Unfortunately, you have to be invited and yes I get 25 points see below::

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