Saturday, 8 December 2012

Advent day 8 and Christmas Meal

Well for day 8 of advent I received:


Picture courtesy of Mrsmmakes as I am still having issues with my technology which I am trying to resolve each day.

I got my swap partner the lovely Mrsmmakes:

Something I always need in the winter.

Well tonight is the second Christmas party of the year.  Last Tuesday I went out with the local housing association whom I volunteer for and they treated me to a lovely meal and wine!!  I did watch what I ate and the next evening I was slimmer of the week!  I lost two pounds.

Tonight I have paid for my husband and I to have a meal with the slimming world gang, we have such a laugh and for once we can be a little naughty.  I was meant to go to another dinner last  night but having not been a work for most of the year I thought I would be careful and this would have to have been booked some time ago - although I won £500 on the premium bonds and yes I know it is not the best way to save but its not a case of popping to the bank to draw it out.

It was my birthday last Thursday 6th and my husband is taking me for a meal on Tuesday with other members of my family and I shall try to be good.  I then have a festive morning with the local housing authority and finally a Christmas meal courtesy of my new employers which I am very grateful for seeing I have only been there a short time but I hope it is the start of a long relationship.

Right I am off now enjoy the rest of your Saturday evening!!

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