Monday, 17 December 2012

Morning off and Advent 16!

When I arrived at my new job - which is going well - I was informed I had one a half days holiday to take this month so I decided to take this morning off because I had a dentist appointment and Wednesday so I can attend the Local Community Representatives Christmas gathering -and I am one! I shall then go over and see my daughter in the afternoon.  I see her about once every two weeks which isn't as often as I would like but when you work and have a large family it is difficult.

Today I managed to do some housework and washing as well as some shopping and some other jobs I would do tonight so I feel I am ahead.

On to advent day 16 I received this lovely purple flower power cup which I love:

I bought Mrsmmakes some Christmas ribbon in her favourite colour:


Again I had to liberate this picture from Mrsmmakes blog as I couldnt locate the one I took.  Lovely ribbon this I do hope she likes it.

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