Friday, 7 December 2012

Advent catch up 4,5,6 and 7

Sorry for not blogging only I have been to a party and it was my birthday on Thursday.  It was week two of my new job and it has been great but tiring!!

So day 4 my pressie from Mrs Makes was a lovely pin cushion that she made:

How amazing is that!!

I gave her a Christmas cross-stitch:

Shouldn't take her much time at all! I know that she likes cross stitch as we shared information beforehand.  I have tried to implement that in my choices!

Day 5

I received this and I just cannot wait to paint them this weekend:

No idea why it is upside down as it isn's saved like that and it has taken me ages to try and resolve it arrgghh!

Nevermind - I got Mrs M this as she is so crafty:

Day 6

I cannot show you what I got as I opened number 9 - what a wally!

Taking into account Mrs M likes purple and I know she loves Christmas I got her:

(I have had to nick Mrs M's pictures as my camera and my laptop are playing up grrr!
A calender book


and a flashing snowman

Day 7

Well today I got a lovely handmade brooch - Mrs M knows I love brooches!

Absolutely wonderful!!

I got Mrs M some well needed chocolate:

Finally, my friend who's son was friend's with my daughter is teaching me crochet - I have not as yet made anything for my grandchild due in March but my friend made this:

If I can learn to make something like this I will be very happy!!

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