Wednesday, 24 April 2013

30 ways to save £1 - Moneysupermarket

Moneysupermarket are challenging bloggers to give them 30 ways to save a pound.  You could earn £30 or win £1,000.

Here's mine -

1. Grow your own vegetables even without a garden you could grow chillies and Tomatoes.
2. Meal plan.
3. Use vinegar instead of cleaning products it's great on a shower screen!
4. Do a clothes swap.
5. Borrow books from the library.
6. Swap books and magazines.
7. Test products and review them.
8. Walk more instead of driving.
9. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
10. Make do and/or mend.
11 if you need an item just now and again borrow from a friend.
12. Don't go shopping when you are hungry as you will spend more.
13  sign up to quidco and get cash back through spending.
14 compare grocery shopping at moneysupermarket.
15. Use the supermarket value ranges.
16. Shop at the pound shops.
17. Download vouchers for entertainment and restaurant meals i.e 2 for 1 bowling or two mains for £12.95.
18. Use less washing or dishwasher powder.
19. Bulk buy items that you usually purchase.
20. Car Share.
21. Take it in turns to hold entertainment nights and all bring some nibbles.
22. Shop at charity shops.
23. Track your spending then if you spend impulsively pledge to reduce that.
24. Buy Christmas and birthday presents in the sales throughout the years.
25. Compare the costs of products using a shopping robot.
26. Buy BOGOF items and share the cost with a family member.
27. Don't upgrade your mobile when the time comes chances are you can get a better tariff and keep your phone and number.
28. Take cuttings and seeds from plants where you can.
29. Make quilts from old material.
30. Use old tea towels and tshirts as cleaning cloths.


  1. They are all good ideas Justine, I am trying to save at the moment so not spending anything unnecessarily. I have a big holiday planned this year and will want to go and see my son and his family in Australia next year when they have emigrated.Every bit helps doesnt it?

  2. Some great ideas Justine! Thanks for posting them.

    Sft x