Sunday, 7 April 2013

Good news and bad!

Car got through MOT with no advisories but while at the garage someone hit it.  I am worried as the car was on double yellows as that is where the garage parked it.  Will look at CCTV tomorrow.

I am selling it as I don't need it now I work five minutes away too much of a luxury to keep just for now and again. Will pay off loan and keep the rest in case I need a car in the future.  I want to keep this one but I cannot justify it.

Had a good week up North.  Didn't rain but didn't do much went for a walk around Corbridge and a down out at Belsay House.  Usually pop to Durham or the Newcastle shopping but I have out myself on a clothing ban as I have too much.

Pics of time away sorry not many:

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