Saturday, 17 October 2009

Tough week

Had a really tough week.  Work was a challenge I am pushing myself to learn more and better myself but it is so tiring.  I find it even more difficult as I am a perfection well I try but nothing I do ever seems to be so.

I feel that my home and husband are suffering as a result.  I just feel so tired this week and sometimes I wonder if it will ever get  better.  I have been qualified almost one year.  I even had a positive appraisal but somehow no matter how may things I do really well I seem to obsess on the things I didn't do well.

Today was a good day I met a friend for coffee in the sunshine today although it was everso cold. Had a walk too.  I then had my hair done before havinf a relaxing evening in front of the tv.

Here's to a better week next week!!

See someone else on my bloglist has had a tough week!

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