Monday, 12 October 2009

Car parking charges

My husband and I went for a day out in Oxford.  Lovely day.

We first went to the University Botanical Gardens

We then had a look at Magdalen Bridge.

Unfortunately, after such a lovely four hours we turned up to discover that we had to pay £9.40 for parking.  There was no indication upon entering the carpark that the charges were so expensive.  We soon found out the hard way.  But really £2.30!!  I live in Poole Dorset, which is in my view quite expensive but I certainly not aware of such a charge for parking!!
We intend to stay for the weekend next time and obtain bargain accommodation.

I would however advise you all that if you intend to go out of your area by car to make sure you find out what the parking charges are.  If you cannot see a price you cannot in my view afford it!!

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