Sunday, 4 October 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon

I went to my daughter's house today.  I have not mentioned her in my profile mainly for privacy reasons but I feel a bit more brave now so may update that shortly.  However, she called Jessica and she  is 20 years old.  She lives with her boyfriend Jon not too far away from us.

Anyway they invited us over today for a 3 course lunch.  We had Tomato and basil soup for starter and both my husband (Chris) and I were shocked it looked like it should have been in a magazine.  It also tasted fabulous. 

For our main we had stuffed peppers.  The  stuffing was couscous and chill flavouring with goats cheese - again this was tasty - for dessert we had Ben and Jerry's icecream cookie dough flavour which was amazing.  We ended up having cake a little later which was a mini Thorntons caramel flavour cake it was yummy.  I certainly would not have had that a home. 

I went out into the kitchen and Jessica had thrown haldf the packet of basil in the bin.  I had to stop myself from fishing it out and taking it home.  Chris and I did try to talk her into freezing it.  But to no avail.  Oh well she will learn - she does do a budget though!!

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