Saturday, 8 May 2010

£3.00 in coupons for a comment!

On the slimming world plan Hartley's Jellies are syn free well the 10 calorie ones add some UHT Squirty cream which is also syn free and I am happy.  Well last week the jelly I bought was not wobbling and it tasted a bit different.  I was very concerned they had changed the jlly so I wrote to them and told them of my concerns especially as I had not really enjoyed it and as a veggie I am limited in the types of jelly I can eat.  They then wrote back to me with information on other types of their jelly which was suitable for veggies and today I received a apology although I didnt really complain per se and £3.00 of premier foods coupons to spend - obviously I will spend mine on - you got JELLY yum yum yum and free even better!!


  1. Way to go! That worked out nicely. With so much competition, companies are fighting for customer loyalty these days. ~Liz

  2. thats brill, i have genuinely complained ( so to speak) abotu al sorts and alot of the time the company have sent me vouchers or big boxes of the stuff i complained about - very cool