Monday, 31 May 2010

Note to self keep eyes peeled at the supermarket.

I am so annoyed with myself.   I went shopping today after running the cupboards down as far as was possible.   OH and myself have been unwell but we needed to stock up so we went to the supermarket.  Spent just over £60.00 which was good as we got enough for two plus weeks for my husband and I and that included some halogen bulbs for the bedroom.

Managed to get some BOGOFS on items that we needed an items that I could use.  I then saw 3 multi-packs of crisps (and sorry but I rarely drink never smoke, this is my only vice), which were 3 for £3.00 so OH picked them up then we saw some hotcross buns for 44p or so we thought.  Feeling happy with ourselves we went home well it wasnt far but we were ill so it took us longer that usual.

I then made lunch and went through the receipt - I was reasonably happy as we got triple points twice as I had a coupon and a 50p off coupon too.  I get annoyed that we had three humungus bags and we only got 3 points but hey ho.  However, back to the receipt.  I was stunned OH had inadvertently picke dup a ten pack of crisps which cost £2.75!!  and not part of the offer!!!%%%  I was not happy but didnt blame him it was myself I was unhappy with.  Then remember those hotcross buns 89p grrrrr.  Oh well still nearly 7.00 savings with BOGOF and over 400 points!!

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