Sunday, 16 May 2010

Storecupboard Shopping

For some reason I do not have the amount of money I usually have in my current account. I budget and I check my bank account but try as I might I cannot work out what happened.

So other than  buying a loaf of bread, a pack of turkey style quorn slices ( I ama veggie) and bananas today I have to shop from the store cupboard and fridge and freezer none of which are full up. I do have plenty of milk that I bought yesterday along with four rolls of toilet paper.

So I went to my storecupboard and threw lots of out of date food out some were two years old.  I have enough to get through this week although I think most days will include eating mash and beans at dinner time lol.  Lunches will be quorn sandwiches and perhaps cheese and crackers.  Problem is although I can get through a week I dont get paid until a week Friday.  Any tips that anyone could  give me would be great.

So I need to get back to my bank account and budget to see what I have done.  In the meantime, I sold a lovely dress on ebay now I have lost two and half stone - cost me £30 sold for just under £6.00 they are getting a bargain lovely dress and I only wore it once.


  1. Even banks make mistakes sometimes. Happened to a friend of mine. But don't go hungry. Ask for help. I'm sure you would do the same for someone else. Let them return the favor early. Okay???

  2. Oh dont worry i got a loose change jar so I wont starve - thanks for your comment x