Sunday, 2 May 2010

Northumberland Easter 2010

I may have mentioned I went away at Easter and that I was going to post some photo's, here they are :

First here is a photo of the view outside Cragside -  a National Trust property :

We also visited Lindisfarne.  Here is its castle which is also owned by the National Trust:

We also visited Dunstunburgh Castle - here is a picture of me - its a bit windy!!

And another of this castle also National Trust:

We made the most of our subscription to the National Trust this Easter.  We always do so it is well worth it for us.  We stayed at my husband's parents who live in Acomb.  We get the pleasure of seeing them and having a wonderful holiday at the same time!

Finally, a quick pic of my husband Chris taken at Cragside:


  1. Hi Justine, thanks for stopping by my blog. A word about sell by/use by dates Totally ignore them! Smell the food, look at the food, if it doesn't smell off and it doesn't look off, it isn't! I will often use yoghurt that can be three weeks past the dates! butter will last all winter in a cool pantry as will cheese, if break gets mould, cut it off and eat round the mould. The worst you will have to do is spit something out if it tastes 'fizzy'.

  2. OOh it looks wonderful, I have nto renewed my national trust membership this year been holding out for a good offer, cashback, as i love gettignout and about with the kiddos ( totally agree with what has been said about use by sell by dates)