Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pot of Money

About a year ago perhaps longer my husband taped up a coffee jar one of the large ones and made a cut in the lid for me to put coins in.  I havent put money into it as often as had intended as I also have two piggy banks one for 50ps and the other for 2.00 coins.  I then use these towards holidays.

However, at times I have managed to put a few coins in mainly pounds fifty twentys and tens.  I am thrilled to say its now getting to the top.  I have stopped putting the 50ps in the 50p pig and there are alo going in the jar.  I think I could have a hundred pound in it.

I know its naughty but I am going to treat myself to something with it.  I only hope I dont spend half and save the rest - I am always so good at saving my money I find it hard to spend.  I have no idea what to buy however, as I have everything I need bah humbug!!

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  1. Justine, thanks for popping by and commenting on my blog. I do the same thing as you and usually use my money for things in the garden.

    I like your blog.

    Gill in Canada