Monday, 27 September 2010

Anniversary Meal

Just got in from our anniversary meal.  We went to Prezzo and very nice it was too.  We used our tesco clubcard vouchers and exchanged £10.00 of them for £40.00 of restaurant vouchers.  We used £20.00 towards the food.  We had to pay for the drinks separately, we didnt mind.  There were lots of other using the vouchers.

To be honest, we couldnt have afforded really to go out otherwise.  My sister married about 5 years ago.  When she came over recently she told me she had was going to Prezzo for her anniversary using her clubcard vouchers.  I am not sure what she thought I would think so I showed her mine and she seemed relieved.

Even if we pay for meals we dont usually get a pudding for £5.00 you can get a whole cheesecake as opposed to a slice (at the restaurant), on the way home from any supermarket.  We do if we are so inclined.

I am so happy today.  I love my husband he is so lovely.  I should know I have had a lot of terrible partners in the past.  I could tell you some stories. . .


  1. Glad you had a good celebration! Congratulations!

  2. we do this with Tesco, we go to Cafe Rouge once in a while and have the set menu for lunch, we pay for a bottle of sparkling water and coffee but our vouchers pay for everything else. We save them to take people out too. If you buy your fuel from Tescos too, then the points add up.

  3. Frugal Life UK - we also asked for tap water and we didnt get charged for it. We try to buy our fuel from Mr T's too.