Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter break 11 days!

What lovely weather! Yesterday I went to my sister's and her husband's home.  They had a lovely barbecue.  Their children kept us entertained.  They have two, William aged 4 and Megan aged 6.  They made us laugh so much.

We took a game we got for Christmas to play in the evening.

BTW way OH had a nice birthday last Sunday. He loved his cake.  I took some decorations down to the restaurant. He really loved it so pleased.

Today we went to Primark.  I bought two pairs of flip flops and OH bought tshirts and shorts all for a decent price not too cheap but not £30.00 a t'shirt like some shops are charging.  I am trying not to buy any clothes now.  I am in need to a black shrug but could really leave it to be honest. 

I am also in need of a new moisturiser its only £4.00 its from Simple and its oil free to stop my "Moon Shine" face.  Its in a tube and I cut the end of and guess what loads left.

Dinner tomorrow its just going to be meat free chilli chicken which we will have Monday. May make a trifle let over from Christmas.  All the cake is gone.

Other news includes my car passed its MOT.  Phew.  Its breaks need a clean so OH will do that for me - will save me a pretty penny.  I didnt get the payrise I was promised just 1% but hey ho.  I  made it clear I was disappointed. 

I just think how lucky I am compared to some and now I am off work until 3 May.

Hope everyone has a good easter enjoying spending time with their friends and family.  Thanks to Jesus x

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  1. Glad you are all having such fun
    Easter blessings xx