Friday, 29 April 2011

Using up to do up our shoe and coat cupboard.

Firstly, we have some paint left over from decorating another room some while ago and some over left carpet from the hall as well as glass pain for the skirting. Got some left over wood that we kept from our old wall unit to box in the tap etc.  Now this cupboard has terrible walls wonky and holes etc. 

Now OH thinks we should just do what we can and paint over it and until recently I would have disagreed but we have decided that we will put the property on the market in 2014.  I wanted to rent it out but OH thinks is will just be hassle.  Its right in the town centre - not too noisy and is worth 30k more than if outside town.

We want to move into a house with a garden.  So this means we do not want to spend too much money on it.  I would have got it plastered properly if we were staying. I am sure whoever moves here will want to do it up themselves however, saying that most locals rent from a landlord so an investor may buy it - got ages yet but we still have to bear that in mind.

So back to the cupboard OH has to buy some finishing plaster and hooks as one or two have broken off and thats it a revamp on a budget having made do!

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