Thursday, 28 April 2011

Still using up . . .

items.  You may recall that I cut the top from my simple tube and there is still lots left.

I am using up some tomatoes that are weeks old and some cheese of similar age with some panini I got at reduced price and froze some time ago for lunch tomorrow. I am determined to use up items from the freezer, fridge and cupboards before I do a big shop.  I would usually just rush out and do a shop when I get paid no not this month!

Tomorrow I need coffee and milk ran out of coffee today and nearly out of milk but still didnt rush to the shop!  I am hoping to last about another week on items that we already have in.


  1. It's a good feeling this NOT spending money isn't it, I'm loving it. And you're doing so well.

    Sue xx

  2. Keep going! If you don't go to the shop, you are less likely to buy extras you do not need. And it is amazing how creative you can be with what is in the cupboards and freezer.

  3. woohoo, it becomes second nature after a while, I found it like a habit, as we are so conditioned to just go and buy