Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Approved Food Order

At last I have taken the plunge and placed an order with Approved Food.  It has been suggested to me on several occasions.  I signed up to emails and today the bargains were just too tempting.  I spent £24.00 plus delivery for around £75.00 worth of items.  Yes some were luxuries but most were essentials.  Most were items we use all the time such a pickle and olive oil. Some items were close to BB date some past it and others no where near it.

I would have bought more as I hadnt reached the full capacity that I could have had for the delivery but to be honest I was "dipping my toe in" so to speak.  If the items are okay or some of them are then of course I can order those items again.  I did order 2 of most things but 4 and even 5 of others.

I thought it was really good that there are items that you can purchase which can help reduce the postage price.  Good if you need them anyway.

I arranged for them to be delivered to work as I am at work all day.  Work are usually okay about deliveries as long as there are not to many.  Its probably about the fourth I would have had in about ooh let me see over 8 years lol.  One girl does that in a week ha ha.

I will take a pic of my shopping and post it when received.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from others who have bought items from Approved Food who would tell me what their experiences are with regard to the delivery and the quality.


  1. The Four deliveries do not include my graze box!

  2. Just put my second order in to AF. Wasvery pleased with first lot - but afterwards thought my decision to get 36 cup-a-soups for £1 was a little crazy - I am getting fed up with taking them into school on the 2 days I am there at lunchtime. Carrot & coriander gets very dull after about the 23rd packet!!!!!