Friday, 20 May 2011

Still no products from Approved food

So my order was due before 10 a.m.  At around 9.20 I received a text telling me my order would be ordered between about 2.40 and 3.40.  I called AF and they investigated.  DPD (the delivery company) said their system was down.  However, my order would be delivered by 10.30 as the courier had been re-routed.  So come 3.30 my order was delivered however, it was in a right state covered in pickled onion smell and the driver told me it was ruined.  He said he thought someone back in the delivery centre had slammed it down and the pickled onions had smashed and ruined my order.

I phoned AF they said they would re-arrange for a Tuesday delivery however she emailed me their contact details and they are not answering the phone and the emails are returned as no longer in use.

I have warned AF if there are any further problems this will the last time!!  I have emailed them to arrange delivery. I know so many people are satisfied, I dont think its AF its the delivery company!! I will update further in due course.

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  1. How frustrating for you. My order arrived on time but two jars had been smashed [looked like th ebox had been dropped onto one corner] and the raspberries in juice were leaking and there was a lot of glass. However i emailed AF straightaway [with photos of glass and soggy bottomed box] - and they have credited me with the money for the raspberries and custard powder. it does seem like their delivery company is letting them down.
    Hope you get satisfaction soon.
    Have a good weekend anyway!
    blessings xx