Thursday, 19 May 2011

Approved Food Update

Oh dear not good so far. My order was meant to be delivered between 3 and 4 p.m. today.  It didnt turn up.  At around 5 p.m. I checked the status online and it says that receipient refused order. 

No I didnt, they delivered to the wrong address.  I do not know how.  In my view that is impossible.  I am assured it will be deliverd by tomorrow before 10 a.m.


  1. just had a text saying my AF order arriving between 11.43 and 12.43 [I go to work at 12.30 -so hoping Bob wll be around] but your post has got me anxious! I will let you know if your parcel arrives along wth mine!!

  2. I had this same problem, except that it had been delivered to a toaly different address, god knows what they thought of my order lol, and it was not redelivered, in the end they did give me a refunds but it put me off ordering with them again.