Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How do you keep warm?

BRRR its meant to be 0c tonight.  Was 14 c today. 

I have a thin throw over me from Lakeland purchased in a sale of course, and I am wearing fluffy slipper boots, and have just put on our electric blanket.

The heating has gone on against my will just now for half an hour as OH is cold.  We had a huge bill last year as although we changed provider to get cash back the cost rose more than the cash back.  We also had the heating on from September and OH used it as and when regardless of how cold it was i.e. it wasnt that cold!

We have only had the heating on a dozen times lately for half an hour so much much better.  In addition, we have changed providers again and although not the lowest, it was almost the lowest but the price is fixed until 31st December 2012 so although no cash back if it rises we won't be affected.  We will only be disappointed if it goes down but realistically that is unlikely if it does we won't kick ourselves it is just how it goes sometimes.

How do you keep warm and keep your heating bills down?


  1. By the way I am also wearing jogging bottoms and long sleeve top and a cardigan under the covers!

  2. Ive had the heating on today, have no tumble drier and a mountain of washing to dry - nightmare! Scarlett x

  3. I am with you - we had a massive bill last Winter too and I am worried about another this time around.

    We left heating off as long as possible. Now it's on for the evening and in the morning only. If one of us is here during the day we use a halogen heater to heat that room (lounge) only instead of having the central heating on to heat the whole house.

    I invested in some fleece blankets last year to snuggle under on the sofa and I also just wear sensible layers too.

    I know this comment is a bit late but wanted to share anyway!

    Hope you can keep the bill down but don't let the house get damp & cold as you don't want to be poorly.