Monday, 21 November 2011

Just a quick post . . .

Thank you to those that offered me words of comfort on my last post.

I had a big case on at work which didn't help.  I have also had a lack of typing support which I was worried wasn't going to be resolved.  It still might not but had my appraisal today at work, was really really good and they will also review my secretarial support once I have moved offices.  Moving offices problem keeping my job and progressing my career.  We are being moved onto an Industrial Estate and I am sure it will affect business but it is not my decision.  I makes me feel really stressed.

Oh well  as management  keep reminding me  I got a job, better than average pay and a pension being paid into!


  1. it DOES sound stressful - but well done on a good appraisal!
    and yes- you do have a job, pay, and a pension fund! much to be thankful for

    love and hugs x [ta for email too]

  2. Glad your appraisal went well and that you will be getting secretarial support. Try and keep positive. xx

  3. Keep going Justine! You can only deal with the facts and what is going on at the time. Try not to stress about what "might" happen...because it may well not happen!

    Keeping my fingers crossed it all works out for the best for you. xx

  4. Yes Angela you are right, thanks Loo and I am going to keep going IWAL x