Saturday, 19 November 2011

Keeping calm and carrying on! Beware miserable poster!

I am finding life tough at the moment, crying all the time, work is so stressful.

I get home and everything is dusty and it makes me more stressed.  There is always so  much to do.  How do you all cope.  I am funding it difficult to even get of bed in the morning.  I work all day little time for lunch then get home between 5.30 and 6.00 cook the dinner then that is me done it.  I have no energy for housework. 

Don't get me wrong our place isn't filthy or untidy but every where I look something needs cleaning. Last week I had to pull out the bed and hoover, now I can see it is dusty beside the Tumble Dryer , my skirtings are always dusty despite dusting them every week.

My home also needs doing up. 

Apart from my family I am wondering today what is the point?  What is the point of any of it?  Working, housework and sleeping that is all I do - why?


  1. Hang in there sister- you're just being afflicted by the dark evenings and colder weather and that dreadful 'everyones doing it better than me, and they will all be ready for Christmas by Dec 1st, and they can afford bigger better gifts....' syndrome.
    Housework is a never ending cycle. Your place is NOT unclean or unhealthy.It is probably tidier than mine right now.
    I KNOW you are budgetting - but ask Chris if he will spend an hour with you just blitzing the place top to bottom, and then whilst YOU have a shower, HE can go out and get a chinese takeaway. This MUST be eating by candlelight, so you dont notice any bits of cleaning you hgave missed.
    This strategy works for me!!

    blessings xx

  2. Thanks Angela, I am feeling better, went out in the sun, Chris bought me a chocolate bar, and tonight we are going out for a chinese, which is being paid for by savings in our joint account. I just feel fragile at the moment, but I know I am not the only one. I know there are people worse of than me.

    Chris quite often does some housework but then I feel guilty that he does it and often more than me. We are just so tired all the time, we do not have much time for each other. I do worry.

    Again thanks for your support xx

  3. Aww hello Justine. Bless you. Sounds like a sensitive and delicate patch you are going through at the moment.

    I don't know if it will help but I will offer a few words.

    I agree with Angela who mentioned that the changing of the seasons may affect you. I know it does me a bit. So try and get out in the sun during the day even if it is a QUICK walk at lunchtime. It will give you a boost and even if it is chilly it can blow some cobwebs away.

    Housework. God. I know. I am very fussy and hate mess and I married a naturally messy man! However I have come to a natural compromise with myself to stay sane. I absolutely cannot keep everything pristine so I have decided to stop trying! I do keep the house tidy and clean enough. I am fussy about the bathroom and kitchen but everything else is clean and tidy *enough*. That's the key word for me.

    Dust. Unless humans find a way to stop shedding skin, then it will always be there. Everyone's got it, some are worse than others. Do what you can, maybe work to a schedule if it helps i.e. on the first Sunday of each month I will hoover the skirting boards with the soft brush. After that, concentrate on something else. Life is way too short and time far too precious to be worrying about a bit of dust I promise you that.

    You must build time into your diary for YOU and Chris but also for YOU alone too. Is there something you love doing (even if it's plucking your eyebrows and doing your toenails!) that you can say "Right, on Monday nights I am doing that between 7.30 - 8.30pm...this is MY time"?

    I hope that this spell passes for you. If nothing else, just keep in mind that they make programmes (Kim & Aggie!) about houses that are going to be 10,000 times worse that yours.

    Give yourself a break from worrying and enjoy your life, even if it is just for an hour, and build on that.


  4. PS. Also, with the house needing doing up, I can relate to that. We've been in our house for 8 years and we're still doing stuff as and when we can afford it. It's a journey so try not to worry. You can't do it all at once (unless you win the lottery!)

    Do what you can to cheer up the rooms you spend the most time in even if it is just a bunch of fresh flowers from time to time. You'll get there.


  5. Sorry your feeling so low at the moment. Take care and I hope this feeling passes soon x