Monday, 12 November 2012

ESA mix up

As you know I have been sick since early March.  I am on ESA but am starting work on 27 November.  I told DWP.  I get a letter on Saturday saying that my sick certificate (which is valid from 17th October until 17th November) runs out on the 12th and my next certificate needs to be with them yesterday!!

When I last spoke to them they said my claim would be unaffected!!

I called them this morning and they said they would get back to me. When getting back to me they say certificate was signed on a different day and perhaps I saw GP on 12th no I said,  so they will check. I have kept a copy of my sick certificate,and both signatures say 17th October.  They said if I hadn't got a job they could extend it until 19th and I would covered be covered by the certificate until 17th.

I have to go to GP and get a further certificate to cover me until I go to work on 27th.

I told them early to avoid a cock up and got one anyway so if I had to do this again I would not tell them until the day I started my job!!


  1. My sister had similar problems when she was ill for a while. It's incredible how they can create worry and confusion without really trying! Jx

  2. when you get officials involved in anything I find the screw ups are always going to happen. Hope it all gets sorted out.

    I put up my Christmas lights outside on Monday as the weather was well above it's not!!!