Monday, 19 November 2012

ESA Update

Well, despite attempting to sort this out I did not receive a payment today.  I am not desperate for it although that is just as well some might be though!!

I got another sick certificate on Thursday after receiving a further letter on Wednesday asking that I send one in my Saturday, so I saw my GP Thursday and him having signed me off until next Monday I sent the certificate in straight away using first class post so it should have got there Friday.

I called them up and was told it was might fault as I should have made sure the certificate from 17th October covered up to the Monday despite the fact I have not had any problems before as they extend it to the Monday.  I have never not sent in a certificate or let them down in anyway.

It comes down to the fact I got myself a job!  So does the Government help me no it punished me and stopped my benefit.

The situation now is that they will pay me within three working days of receiving that certificate.  Perfect example of the reason why someone in my situation might have needed to go to their foodbank, but as I rely on no one and have a little money put by I will survive.  I have only learned that from being in a dire situation before. What if I had no money at all I would have been up the food bank myself.  How many people are this morning in that situation.

Finally, I  have been tagged and will follow that up soon.  Lots to blog about lately not enough time!!

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  1. Goodness - they have been SO unhelpful. Hopefully it will be sorted soon. Jx