Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Stress Class

Last night was my fourth stress class.  It was about  behaviours and including safety behaviours.  The latter is where you do something to protect yourself from stress such as sit down if you feel a panic attack, taking someone with you when you go shopping or taking items with you in your bag "just in case."

We were also given techniques on how to combat such behaviours, i.e. don't sit down if you have a panic attack even if you feel that you are going to faint.  Apparently, it is impossible to faint, I didn't know that.  Having suffered with them for some 23 years not once did a G.P tell me that!!

In addition we ended by experiencing some relaxation which is the best part. Good relaxation downloads can be found if you google moodjuice.

In the meatime, I am very much looking forward to my new job. I really do feel a lot lot better, but to be honest had this job been further afield and not little 5 minutes walk away I am sure I would have been up to it.  This is part of the attraction, and the fact I will have a whole hour for lunch whereas before I was lucky to have one hour for lunch a week.  I just hope everyone likes me as I am a bit OTT.  I am a bit of a comedian you see and cannot help myself they love it at Slimming World but I can take a lot of getting use to ha ha!

Finally, I am trying to reblog from someone else's blog on wordpress if someone could be kind enough to give me some assistance then I would be most grateful.


  1. Hi Justine, you sound very much more upbeat. Good for you. Oh and there's nothing wrong with being a bit OTT! xx

  2. Glad to hear that everything is going well. I was fascinated to read about your class. Things are really difficult for me at work at the moment and I open to any suggestions! Jx