Friday, 10 September 2010

Challenging times update

Well it appears all those that are to be made redundant have been told.  My head of department who I consider a dear friend has assured me our department and indeed our office are okay.  That is a relief but I need to prepare just in case. 

I feel that need because I believe I am okay for the moment.  I will put some money away and perhaps get some extra groceries and dishwasher tablets and toilet roll that kind of thing.  Not sure what more I can do - any suggestions are most welcome x


  1. Sounds like you're keeping a level head. Making plans to deepen the pantry -- that's smart. For our ancestors it was the normal thing to do. Guess we got away from it now that we can run to the grocery store on a moment's notice. Still like your idea about enjoying some of the best today instead of putting everything off till later, too. Might as well enjoy today; don't want to ruin it by worrying constantly about everything that might go wrong tomorrow. All the prognosticators and trend setters aren't God. What do they really know?

  2. yoru doign the right thing, try not to worry about it, but store away as much as you can financially etc. I have just started a 3 month wage saving fund, that is my initial goal, because in these times you just dont know.

    So yes startign a rainy day find is a great idea, and also stockign up on non perishables, or long dated items is a good idea too.

    I have so many toiletries that have not bought any in a year

    I also stock up on tinned toms, as you can use them to make all sorts, curry's pasta sauce etc

    Toilet rolls
    store cupboard basics etc
    really comnes in handy when i have a really tight week on my hands financially

  3. I wish you well. I was made redundant in 2000. Set up our own business a year leter and still going. Lots of opportunities for you.