Friday, 17 September 2010

Are my money savings ways rubbing off on OH?

Well I got up this morning, lovely sunny day to find my husband preparing to do an oil change.  Save him a few quid he said!!  To be fair he is getting quite good.  When I met him he spent a fortune although he was on a huge salary then back in the old days  um 1999!

He admitted he took absolutely no notice of how much things cost!!  I was stunned. He does now.  He will look for offers in the supermarket, look for bogofs on items we need.  He is even happy buying basic value items.  He didnt seem to before now he does. He doesnt spend as much as he used to and he is even looking for a part-time job to pay of his debts.,  I say his but I am going to try and help pay them off.  My husband is so good to me.  He does half the house work, makes me a coffee every morning and never complains about anything I do.  Even if I am ratty with him he never holds it against me.  Poor OH I don't deserve him.

Well we have free tickets to silverstone tomorrow.  We have booked a hotel for the night instead of camping.  I just felt i needed a bed. We are just staying over for one night so we will end up at Silverstone late.  Sunday we may go along for the morning but in the afternoon we hope to go into Oxford which I love.

Well I am off to enjoy my well deserved day off x


  1. A good man is worth more than his weight in gold! Glad you have a good one.

  2. Um, I'm going to duck and cover, but you can't afford a hotel, anyway, it's still warm enough to it's dead romantic