Friday, 3 September 2010

Saving it for best

Well I dont know about you but thats how I was brought up.

At work we have a new lady and she is very stylish.  For a start she always wears matching underwear - so she says.  I said that I rarely do other than on special occasions.  She said not to save it for best, you will never wear them.  That is so true.  I have some nice underwear that I havent worn and had for years.   Having lost weight I am never likely to.  I am 38 years old and  I am going to stop saving it for best.  I am going to wear more of the clothes that I save for best!!  Not sure I will always wear matching underwear as I only have one set since I have lossed weight lol.  I might some more in due course, but I am going to start wearing the jewelry I save for best and some of the shoes I have been saving for best!

Who will join me?


  1. I started doing this, it is so true, you save something for best , it never gets worn, it is the same with my kids, i let them were their "best" clothes when they decide especially as they grow so quickly, i want to get use out of them lol

    plus it makes you feel so good.

  2. Why not??! Go for it! Pearls in the kitchen might be fun.