Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Skint - again

I do a budget. I try not to spend money but its no good what with the increase in food prices I do not seem to be able to keep control on my money.  Please can someone make some suggestions. I tried Bigbrain as recommended on Frugal Queen's blog and it says I have an underspend of £96.00 where is it then lol.

I just dont know what else to try, I use coupons, I buy BOGOF's, value/basic items and I meal plan.  I try to spend £160.00 per month on food and £30.00 on cleaning items but in reality much more is spent arggghhh!!

This month, I tried to shave a few pounds of parts of my budget and did some shopping in the pound shop but no . . . still skintarooney x


  1. I sure don't have an easy answer. I've heard of some folks who get their grocery money in cash when they get paid. When they go to the store they don't carry credit cards or checkbooks -- just the cash. I imagine it would force you to prioritize as you shop. I've cut way back on cleaning supplies. Vinegar works great for just about everything. Cut it half and half with water in a spray bottle and add a few drops of tea tree oil or such to tame the smell - or just skip the oil. Cleans almost everything.

    If you discover the secret, please pass it along. But I suppose the best we all can do is just keep wackin' at it, one penny at a time! Think how bad it would be if we weren't even trying! Oh, my. Have you been by to read Shirley Goode's blog? She is full of encouragement, many ideas to use outright or adapt:


  2. Hi Justine - there is only one simple answer, just do it! I have no choice and just have to make it work. i plan meals, plan packed lunches and snacks, I plan journeys, I have no choice. I have to go by train this month or my money will not stretch. I also buy clothes out of my weekly food budget. Do your shopping online from Asda or Tesco after you've meal planned. I make my own bread, so I buy enough flour and yeast for the month. I make my own cakes etc and buy one month's supply. Know what you need to the last loo roll before you shop. Also stock take your kitchen, bathroom cupboards etc. If you have two tins of beans you don't need more. I know I need 6 loo rolls a week and 4 loaves of bread; I know exactly what I need. I need two tubs of clover. I need one bottle of Tresemme a month. I need one roll on deodorant a fortnight. I don't keep stock but just buy what I need. We eat one piece of fruit each a day and one yogurt each a day. Be exact about what you need. Don't forget if you have a budget, once you've shopped, you can't do it again for a week. I buy UHT milk and know we need 3 litres a week. You get exact when you have to. Then once you've shopped. Don't buy anything! Not a paper, not a drink, don't go in a shop or near one.