Friday, 19 November 2010

Happy Days

Had a good day at work.  We raised money for Children in Need, some made cakes, we made biscuits, a game and a raffle.  Plus my boss is willing to back my application for the firm to pay for my LPC (qualification for me to become a Solicitor - although I am a FILEX and do the same Job).  It costs about 10k I can do it part time at Southampton Uni - well I have to check it all out later.  I wont be able to enrol until next year but I am so chuffed.  I had to qualify as a FILEX as I couldnt afford the LPC when I completed my Law Degree. I am glad I did and am proud to be a FILEX but my firm will not let me move up the ladder without doing it.

Fingers crossed all x