Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Uncertain Times

Well last night Ken Clarke announced cuts in Legal Aid, now whatever the arguments and I can see the arguments for and against it will affect my job.  Now whether it will mean I will lose it is anyone's guess not that I am overjoyed there at the moment. I do mainly legal aid and its not a big earner we get a third of private rates, there is an enormous amount of paperwork and we work three times as hard to run the case.

Trouble is the general public see lawyers as money grabbing but thats impossible with Legal they dont  just give you a cheque book you need to justify every penny.

In financial matters legal aid isnt free you have to repay in the end if you retain or recover money or property.

I am hoping it will be positive in the long run as if there is in effect no legal aid lawyers will have private fee paying clients.  However, if folk cannot afford it some lawyers will inevitably be out of a job.

The problem is the Court is inundated, so are CAFCASS (Child and Family Reporter) and of course this Country is in debt but what about children that cannot see their mother or father because their parents cannot afford to take the matter to Court. Mediation can work but not always.  Some people are so hurt for one reason or another they cannot speak to their ex.

I dont propose to go on about it but I am now really worried about the effect on families.  I just have a sense of anarchy around the corner.  Only time will tell.

On a brighter note I have won £20.00 in the last week on Walkers Rainy days will add that to the pot.


  1. Guess we'll just be glad for the 20! I understand how you feel. Crazy here, too. Hang in there! ~Liz

  2. It is very easy to look at a list of subjects and cross out what you consider a low priority without looking at the people & cases they will effect

    In regards to yourself often the fear is greater then then the threat and I hope that you will be ok :)