Sunday, 7 November 2010

Not bad savings could have been better.

Well this weekend, I went to a free fireworks night near where I live.  Last night I went to my sisters firework party.  She has five children (and she is not mse bless her) we took £40.00 of fireworks which cost £20.00 between OH and myself.  This morning we watched a free film called Unstoppable and it was very good edge of the seat stuff for the entire length of film.

Then we went to Prezzo as we have £20.00 of vouchers left.  Bill came to £33.00 OH had a rebate from the utilities due to overpayment.

I then bought my ballgown for a party - online.  Its to do with my job and I love going.  It was Debut from Debenhams and they were 20% off and I got a 15% code plus as I had trouble with their website for the last two days they gave me another 5% off.  I wont be buying a dress for the next two years as I can wear last years next year and this years the year after.  I just hope the one I bought fits.  The other one I saw in the shop fitted but I had my heart set on the other one.

This p.m.  I managed to take advantage of the yellow stickers at Sainsbugs!!

Now what i didnt do today was use my 5p off per litre at Mr T's I was so looking forward to the day I forgot darn it!

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