Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Was it a good idea?

When we bought our home we did not put any money on the mortgage to do the place up.  The kitchen and front room we have done up and we are doing the hall.  The bathroom is an absolute hole.  We have tried to do what we can.  The plaster isnt very good above the door.  Neither OH nor I are DIYers nor do we have the money to pay someone to do it.  I have noticed that I try not to lay in the bath as I look around me and I get upset.

I have a home, a wonderful husband, wonderful daughter and family, plenty of food decent wages and a job and here I am worrying about the state of my bathroom. 

When I put it into context it doesnt feel half as bad.  I have decided I am going to have to just continue to put money away specifically towards doing my home up and it takes as long as it takes but I am not going to "bung it on my mortgage."

I will just have to lay back in that bathroom and dream zzzzzzzzz


  1. We are the same, we just try to do what we can when we can. My kitchen and bathroom are really dire, but at least our mortgage is very small now and as I am facing redundancy that's a weight off my mind as we will still be able to pay it. When I look at these two rooms in particular, I just try and put it into context like you and remember I have much to be grateful for. xxx

  2. Jazzy, I hear you! Our house depresses the life out of me some days, but when I look at the mortgage, I am so happy we owe only half of what it could have been. I'd rather pay as we go on repairs and keep the total payoff (with interest as low as possible). The only repairs we have made so far are the ones we just had to do, like wiring and plumbing. The rest will have to wait. We did have some paint left over from the previous owner, so I was able to do a temp job of one bathroom to cover up the deep red walls that were caving in around me, but that is it. No major repairs till the house is paid off because any money I spend now is money that cannot be applied to the mortgage and run the payoff down. Take fast baths or turn the lights down low, gal! You're going to make it while everybody else is drowning in interest payments. Go for it!!!

  3. my bathroom and kitchen desperatly need doing, and i refuse to get a loan to do them up, i am slowly saving, it will take as long as it takes ;)