Monday, 1 November 2010

Funny day off

Well as I said earlier no bargains at the charity shops.  I went to the final one after I last posted and nothing.  There were clothes that came from shops that havent beem around for years!!

Anyway one reason for my day off was in relation to my sofa.  It was ordered last Christmas and delivered in Feb.  After a few weeks something small broke underneath, no probs they fixed it but a day off was required as the company cannot give you a time.

Then a few weeks ago one of the sofas wobbles and the other one has a bit of wear.  We were not very happy to say the least.  We have no young children at home to cause any extra wear.  The guy came today at 5.30 and fixed the wobble but the wear wasnt on his list.  Well you know what that means another day off. 

Do companies think that it is still the 70s and 80's when someone was still at home.  We both work and I do not mind having one day off but it will soon be three and they work Saturdays but you cannot get an appointment as they are booked up (two weeks in advance and you cannot book any farther on). Why can they not book us a slot even a.m. or p.m would help!!

Anyway rant over.

Oh wanted to go to Asda to get some speakers for his p.c.  I picked up 6 mens socks for £2.50 for me (am a size 8). I got 36 packets of Walkers crisps for £4.00.  I usually buy value ranges but couldnt resist.  I know they are a luxury but I couldnt help it. 

Back to work and all its politics tomorrow.  I might tell you one day what goes on it will make your hair curl!! 

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