Thursday, 27 January 2011

Phew people are listening or at least reading!

I have been feeling low.  I feel as I did as a child.  I tried to tell my mum when I was little that someone was doing something to me that they shouldnt.  She wouldnt listen!  I tried to tell people that I was suffering DV in a relationship for 7 years.  Now I am suffering in my job.  In all cases I felt that I was in the swimming poole sinking, people could see and hear me but just ignored me.  All I feel is blind panic.  All I wanted was someone to hear me.

None of these situations are my fault.  I know this because my God helps me through it.  I just hope I get through this also.

Thanks Liz and Sharon for helping me, I thought Phew people are listing or at least reading xx


  1. Big hugs hun, I always "read" and listen, sometimes i dont have time to post a reply as I read on the run. Just have faith, as this will pass, and before you know there will be something better, keep lookign and applying for jobs and until somethign turns up just prepare yourself in the meantime, mentally and literally, polish that CV etc.
    Big hugs x

  2. Big hugs too. I know how you are feeling - I'm feeling pretty much the same about work at the moment - just so much stress. I too am crying so much, my dear husband keeps supporting me, but he tells me he is so worried about me, I'm just not myself. We have to stay strong, I'm finding that blogland is keeping me sane right now. I don't have the motivation or heart to post as often as before I felt like this, but just reading the blogs I find helps. Then every so often I come across a post like yours and I know I'm not alone - it's not me going mad - or you for that matter. Our jobs can be so stressful that they make us feel ill and like we can't find a way out. But we will you know, just as all good things come to an end so do all bad things. Just hang in there girl and do what you need to do to keep going till the good things return. xxx

  3. God knows and sees all. So keep calling out to Him, Liz

  4. Hang in there Jazzy. Just started reading your blog and identify with lots of the issues in it - esp trying to be frugal, and feeling angsty cos you cannot buy the expensive gifts for your dear ones that you would like to.[They KNOW you love them ,and that love is worth more tan money...but false guilt an weigh you down at times]

    Sorry you are feeling stressed at work and generally low. Jan/Feb is a bad time of year for depression, something to do with the sunlight levels.

    You are NOT alone, Chris is there at home for you, and you seem to have some good blogland friends. And the Bible promises thast NOTHING can separate us from God's love. Do you have a girl friend living near who you can chat to?

    Or if you want to email/have a phone chat, put your email as a comment on my blog [I wont publish it] and I am happy to be there for you.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.Hugs and blessings x

  5. Sharon, thanks for your hugs xx
    SV I am sorry you are having a bad time, just keep your spirits up. Your husband will help you get through I know mine does. LizBeth, thanks for your kind words.
    Hi Angela my new friend. I will comment on your blog giving you my email xx Thanks for stopping by.