Sunday, 30 January 2011

My OH the frugal moneysaver

How you ask.  If hardly ever buys clothes.  They are years old.  Some must be 8 years old.  All he usually buys are trousers and shirts for work, pants, he bought and new coat last year and a pair of slippers.  He wears jeans and trousers at home and probably buys jeans once every two years and trousers twice a year. He gets tshirts for christmas and his jumpers/fleeces are ancient lol.

Got to admire him really.  I think I need to learn from him.  I am not too bad myself.  Most of my clothes come from sales or I save up for them.  I give myself a clothing budget each month and save most of it for the sales.  I have my new summer clothes in the wardrobe from last years sales.  My needs are dealt with, my wants well theres another matter, although I will still buy clothes that are multifunctional.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.  OOOh I have a day of tomorrow so so pleased!!


  1. I find this very difficult, I can ignore many wants but the want to look and dress nice often seems like a need. I have bee reading some of your posts and I am so sorry that things are so tough and I hope that you can find enough pleasures outside of work to make up for how hard it is at the moment

  2. Underwear. Mine is old and boring. If I were a rich gal I'd go and buy up the whole of M&S lingerie department [plus two custom made bras from Rigny & Peller, the Queens Corsetiere]

    As it is, I am struggling with saggy elastic & rusting bra hooks. #1 daughter says This Is Bad- just cos I've got my Man doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to see me in something glam occasionally. She has a point!

    havign great sunday and looking forward to My Day Off tomorrow too!!
    blessings x