Wednesday, 26 January 2011

No light at the end of the tunnel.

I am so low at the moment.  Its my boss, I work so hard, work extra hours for nothing, I dont mind I love my work.  However, I am sinking and am given more.  I am told to work harder later its not a 9-5.  I do more than 10 hours a week extra sometimes 15 plus.

I see that there are colleagues who do less a lot less some hardly anything.  Nothing is said.  I love my work I hate my job why does my boss not see how hard I work.  I feel so desperate.  I cannot stop crying.  I wonder if she cares that I cry myself to sleep at night.  I have been looking and applying for jobs for over 6 months.  I cannot see any way out.  I am not depressed home life wonderful yet I feel so low.  Sorry if I am depressing you x  Any ideas are welcome.


  1. Jazzy, I know the feeling. Do what you CAN, and that is all you can do. Put your home first, no matter what. God knows your address. Call out to Him, and don't quit. Will be praying for you, Liz

  2. My work is like this, i only do what i can now, and set myself a limit on what extra i do I also had a meeting with my head of department and told her what the issue was and that i was not allowing it to overtake my home life.

    set yourself limits and stick to them - regardless your home life and more importantly health come first

  3. Just stopping by to check on you this morning . . . . . . .It's almost Friday!

  4. Hi sorry to hear you are feeling like this. Its not good to feel like this. I know if it was me I would have to have a word with my boss. I would have to say how the situation was making me feel. I have been the sort of person in the past to let stress build up. Its not a nice feeling. Look after yourself. Sounds like otherwise you may have more put on you if your boss thinks it is ok. xx