Sunday, 2 January 2011

Christmas 2010 bought and paid for!

I saved for Christmas.  £30 a month into an account for presents and food.  I also had about £35.00 in vouchers.

MIL and FIL came down.  They brought some lovely napkins for the table and I got out my reduced price crackers - not a bad table is it:

You will see there are presents on the table.  MIL bought them with her as well as stocking presents.  We all had a stocking.

Here they are with my husband having enjoyed their Christmas Dinner:
By the way the table cloth was a paper one from a supermarket it was a value one and reduced lol.

Here I am having enjoyed my Christmas Dinner:

 A meal was made out of the leftover chicken for MIL, FIL  and OH as well as a soup out of the carcass.  Very little waste in our household - save a little salad.
We live on the South Coast and OH family live in Northumsberland so it was good to see them over Christmas for a change.


  1. The table looked lovely, it makes such a difference savign for xmas in advance, takes the stress out of it all. Ohh and i love the blond hair x

  2. It looks like you had a lovely christmas, and knowing that you had it all bought and paid for helped you relax and enjoy it. As sharonmanc above said, I love the blond hair it really suits you. (By the way you look much too young to have a 20 year old daughter :D ) xxx

  3. Thanks you two for your lovely comments. SV my daughter is now 21. I am 39 - 40 this December eeekk!!