Monday, 3 January 2011

Quality Coat for only £25.00

I have been looking for a quality wool coat for ages.  I wanted it to be a least 50% wool.  I found it at last.  Only one other came close and it was made by Ted Baker and cost over £200.

Today I went into Asda yes Asda and there is was.

Here it is!

Now I am a Next girl as many of you know and I do wish it had a Next label or even M and S.  I know that is outrageous of me.  We are trained to think of labels and branded goods - not any more!

However, I had £201.00 to spend on a coat and boots.  So I have also spent £55.00 on a mac from Next )( have also wanted one of these for 3 years lol - not yet received and £130 on a pair of casual Boots from Clarks - not yet received.  I have gone £10.00 over not bad I feel.  I had £69 from Christmas bonus from work and the rest from my savings jar.

I also wanted to add to my last post.  I forgot to mention that I had about £100 of vouchers which we got from scanning our weekly shop, to use as gifts etc at Christmas.

Now back to clothing I feel I could go through most of the year without clothes - got all my summer ones anyway.

Might just need one hoody - lets see.  I wont be buying a new dress for this years ball will wear last years!


  1. Fabulous, I have had a few coats from Asda and Tesco, and they have been fab. - Great bargain

  2. Patience certainly paid off well for you!!!!