Saturday, 26 February 2011

Loo Roll Bargain and I am not a machine!

I always use Asda Shades,  (they have more per roll than the others I have seen - so good value) they cost about £8.50 for 24 rolls however, today I bought 32 for a tenner lots of  people were picking them up so be quick.  I wanted to buy two lost but I had trouble carrying one.

My mum came round today and we popped over together she is going away next weekend and had been all over town to see if she could see a new top she liked.

On return home I put on a yoga dvd which I watched sadly too tired and stressed to participate, then I watched a dvd I got from the Mail a few years ago it was a relaxation meditation dvd and it sure worked,  I feel de-stressed.  It wont last long.  Work is up the air what with legal aid and there is a recession so there is a tendency to work longs hours.  I have to bill 25 per week and this week I did 32.  I went to bed last night after consuming the fudge my husband purchased to cheer me up - at an early 10 a.m.  I rose at 9.15 and felt like I had been hit by a truck.  I was at a hearing all day yesterday a final financial hearing and it was so technical my head hurt.  Oh well tis the weekend and I may have to have a little snooze in a while I did think about the piles of work on my desk back of the office after being out yesterday but I am not a machine x

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  1. the asda magazine has a coupon for 50p off these this week. i rarely shop in asda but did yesterday thats how I know!
    have a rest over the weekend if you can!
    blessings x