Saturday, 5 February 2011

Posting with pics

I know how to upload pictures from my camera, but I see that bloggers post pics from other sources, could someone please assist me in doing the same.  Where you you get your pics?  Do you save them to your pc and then upload?

Expensive day today today - spent £50 odd pound in M and S on undies mostly matching - sad I know plus another £21.00 online.  I made sure I got free delivery to a store and £12.50 on Tshirts from Primark.  Very pleased though to get what I wanted. 


  1. I search with google images and then save them to my pictures folder [I have one labelled 'blogpix' with subfolders relating to my different interests] then upload them from there.I do my best to use ones which are copyright free. If they are from somewhere like a BBC website I try to acknowledge that.
    If I take pix with my camera, they get uploaded to PC & saved in the blogpix folder too.
    I use Picasa [its free to download and easy to use] to organise and tidy up my own photos as I am hopeless at holding the camera straight/cutting off people's feet etc.

    hope this helps!
    will you be posting pictures of the undies then??

  2. Thanks Angela that is helpful. No will not be posting pics of my undies tee hee!

  3. I use photo bucket as well to store and upload photos as I have filled up the Picasa file and they want money from me to give me more memory or something like that??

    I know as much about this photo lark on computers and blogs as you do. It always amazes me How I manage to do things I my blog...LOL

    Thanks for popping by and commenting.


  4. Hi Justine, I was about to say what Angela said! Hope you get it sorted. Thank you btw, for leaving comments on my blog. I'll be back!