Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A good day at last!

Not a bad day today.  Had a good day off yesterday, bought a few things from the pound shop and relaxed a bit.  I also sorted out the show cupboard.

Today I was left to work - and work hard I did.  Got home heated up dinner that I made yesterday.  Then I ordered about £10.50 worth of items from Milk and More and will get £10.00 off.  I have been wanting to do it for a while but to be honest I felt a bit guilty getting something for nothing.  However, I saw there were decent veg boxes to am bound to buy now and again so I decided they would make money out of me therefore I would order.

So thanks to my fellow bloggers for all your support lately, it really helped.  I cannot guarantee that I will not need your support again!  I would also like to make a special mention to Angela my new friend.  Somehow she found me and when I needed it spent a lot of time helping me - more I expect that she realised.  Thanks Angela x


  1. I don't think that any one of us ever gets to the place we don't need each other some time or another. Glad you had a good day off! ~Liz

  2. Thanks Jazzy - friendship is a two-way thing, you know, and getting to know you has been a joy for ME too!. xx